SILVER Boltless Rack - Individual Racks SILVER Boltless Rack - Seamless L Shape


Nowadays, us Singaporeans convert our bomb shelters into storerooms. It is also probably the only place in our beautiful homes that we do not pay much attention to, and we want it to keep it that way. That is why we look for storage racks that are worry-free; something that we can just leave in our bomb shelters and store all the things we have, without us having to care much about it for the next decade or two. This brings us to the question... 

Individual Racks or Seamless L-Shape Racks

There is no clear winner for either options and the fundamental difference is "Practicality versus Aesthetic". The key comparison factors for everyone to consider are:

  • Load Capacity per Shelf Level
  • Dead Corner
  • Easy to Adjust & Varying Shelf Levels
  • Mobility
  • Aesthetic

Load Capacity per Shelf Level

Individual Racks are able to withstand the maximum stated load capacity per shelf level for each rack, which in our case is 150 KG, as all the shelf levels are properly supported by the rack frames.

Seamless L-Shape Racks share the stated load capacity per shelf level, or often lower and in our case 100 KG, across the entire L-shape on both racks. This is due to the missing "center pole or frame" which helps to distribute the loading capacity uniformly. Instead, the shelf levels now rely on each other for support.

The winner for this category is Individual Racks.

Dead Corner

Individual Racks will have a dead corner when placed in a L-shape setup due to obstruction from the other rack's frame. The degree of obstruction depends on the depth of the outer rack. Users often have to separate the two racks a little to ensure the items at the inner rack remain easily accessible.

Seamless L-Shape Racks has no dead corner and users can organize items neatly across the entire L-shape shelf level.

The winner for this category is Seamless L-Shape Racks.

Easy to Adjust and Varying Shelf Levels

The shelf levels of Individual Racks are easy to adjust as the boltless feature on both the shelf beams and rack frames are designed to do so. Also, you can choose to have different number of shelf levels for each rack.

Seamless L-Shape Racks require attachments to connect the two racks together and the shelf levels from both racks rely on each other for support. As such the shelf levels are a lot harder to adjust. You will also need the same number of shelf levels for both racks to properly connect them together.

The winner for this category is Individual Racks.


As and when you need to adjust the rack layout in your space for other items, you can move Individual Racks with relative ease or even shift one to another room, if you choose to do so.

Seamless L-Shape Racks are suited for static placement and is harder to move around. It cannot be used when split apart, unless you purchase additional rack frames to form them into two individual racks.

The winner for this category is Individual Racks.


Individual Racks come in SIlver, Black, Blue & White colors.

Seamless L-Shape Racks allows you to store your items with full visiblity of what is stored. The seamless nature gives the racks a clean and neat feel. However, it is only available in Silver color.

The winner for this category is Seamless L-Shape Racks.