Boltless, Adjustable, Extendable

Internationally patented, designed and made in Italy, our Light Duty Boltless Storage Rack is a highly versatile product satisfying the broadest needs of light duty storage requirements. The rack system can exist as a standalone rack or as an extended row, depending on your storage area.

Best suited for hand-loaded storage and with rack structure heights ranging up to 4480 mm, it is the perfect solution for storage of light goods in both standard applications and two-tier storage mezzanine configurations. The boltless feature allows for easy horizontal extensions to your existing rack structures, so that your storage space can expand along with your business.

The racking structure is constructed with modular components, the height space between each shelf level can be readily configured to fit your goods. Coupled with readily available support bars and steel brackets, we can create integrated walkways and stairs within your rack structures.


Height (mm) 1972 to 4480
Depth (mm) 320, 400, 500, 600, 800
Length (mm) 900, 1200, 1500
Shelf Levels 4 to 12
Shelf Load Capacity (UDL) 150KG to 400KG /Level
Frame Load Capacity (UDL) 1000KG to 3000KG
Base Material Galvanized Steel
Colors Silver, Black, Blue, White


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