Pallet Rack 40x100 Box Beam (2 ton range)

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Shelf Beam Load Capacity (UDL):

  • 2300kg per pair for 900mm, 1200mm and 1350mm length variants
  • 2100kg per pair for 1500mm, 1800mm and 2100mm length variants
  • 1900kg per pair for 2400mm and 2700mm length variants
  • 1200kg per pair for 3000mm, 3300mm and 3600mm length variants

Beam Profile: 40mmD x 100mmH
Material: High-Tensile Steel
Country of Manufacture: Malaysia

  • Epoxy Gloss Orange Finish for durability
  • Price stated is for one Shelf Beam only
  • Two Shelf Beams required to form a Tier
  • Recommended to pair with 18/25mm Plywood Decking
  • Recommended to pair with Center Support Bars