Towards Greener and Sustainable Storage

It may sound cliché but SIM WIN LIANG is focused on minimizing the impact that production has on our environment. Both a business and the environment must be sustainable, in order to achieve true growth into the future.

As such, we faithfully stand by METALSISTEM and its galvanized products.

Lower Emissions and Resource Consumption

Many industrial processes, such as powder-coating and plating, are known to generate harmful fumes emission and high carbon footprint. The exclusive development of our Galvanized Boltless Racks is proven to minimize welding and coating/painting processes - which reduces our ecological footprint in both air emissions and gas consumption.

Our highly modular structural components provide versatility and can be easily replaced, without requiring the substitution of the entire structure. This enables us to promote the green concept of avoiding waste to our consumers and partners.

That's why we actively recommend using our galvanized products. And we strongly encourage you to join us in playing a part to protect our environment.

March 08, 2021