Boltless Storage Rack

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Boltless Storage Rack is created to satisfy the broadest needs of hand-loaded storage needs, withstanding 1,000KG per rack bay and up to 150KG per shelf level, uniformly distributed.

The use of Galvanized Steel produced from 3.1 Certified High-Tensile Structural Steel, in accordance with EN10204 standards, ensures the Boltless Storage Rack of its durability and corrosion resistance; and is widely used as Bomb Shelter Rack, Storeroom Rack, Chiller Room Rack, Office Rack and Warehouse Rack.

Powder-coated versions - Black, Blue and White - add a layer of protection atop the galvanized steel, providing increased corrosion protection. However, the powder-coated layer is not scratch-resistant and some care is needed when handling them.