Transition to H25 Shelf Panels

We are changing our panel design

We are in transition of changing the shelf panel design for our Boltless Racks - from H12 to H25 design.

We are committed to providing the same panel design across a single rack length. However, if you purchased two racks of different lengths, there is a chance that the panel design may be different, during this transition phase.

At the end of the transition, we will totally phase out the old panel design and provide a detailed technical update on the H25 design.

We seek your kind understanding on this matter. Thank you.

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Quality Boltless Rack | Affordable Pricing

Welcome to SIM WIN LIANG

We are the proud distributor of METALSISTEM S.p.A Boltless Shelving, where prime quality 3.1 certified high tensile steel coils conforming with EN 10204 standards are used for manufacture. The rack system is patented and certified by TÜV, Germany’s quality certification body. All rack components of this series are galvanized through the SENDZIMIR procedure which guarantees both high levels of durability and elevated corrosion resistance.

We also provide Medium Duty and Heavy Duty warehouse racking systems for commercial and industrial storage - such as Cantilever Rack, Longspan Rack and Heavy Duty Pallet Rack systems.

Boltless Storage Rack | How to Measure Your Home Storeroom | SIM WIN LIANG Singapore
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Let's Do Our Part

We appreciate you sending us your floor plan or storeroom measurements to reduce the need for site consultations.

Simply send us the Length, Width and Gap of your storeroom to and we will recommend a suitable rack layout for your storage space.

Why choose Galvanized Finishing?

Eco-Friendly Storage

The exclusive development of our Galvanized Boltless Racks minimizes welding and coating/painting processes - which reduces our ecological footprint in both air emissions and gas consumption.

That's why we actively recommend our galvanized products. And we strongly encourage you to join us in protecting our environment.

Boltless Rack | Black | Connected Row | SIM WIN LIANG Singapore
Industrial Style | Rust-Resistant | 150KG per Tier

Boltless Storage Rack

Full Metal Storage for Home, Office and Warehouse.

High Tensile Galvanized Steel, Improved Durability, Prevents Pests.

Boltless L-Shape Rack, Galvanized Steel, Silver, Close Up View | SIM WIN LIANG Singapore
Mazimize Space | Accessible Corner | 120KG per Tier

Boltless L-Shape Rack

The popular choice for Singapore HDB Bomb Shelter and Storeroom.

Boltless Clothes Rack, Industrial Style Retail Concept | SIM WIN LIANG Singapore
Store & Hang | Wardrobe Concept | Minimalistic

Boltless Clothes Rack

Adapt and Display, without compromising Functionality.

Boltless Storage Rack | For Chiller Room and Cold Room | SIM WIN LIANG Singapore
Improved Point Load Strength | Up to 350KG per Tier

S2G Beams with H25 Panels

Experience Medium Duty capabilities, with thicker beam and panel profiles.

Boltless Storage Rack | Warehouse Storage Solutions | SIM WIN LIANG Singapore
Up to 4480mm high | Extendable | Back to Back

Warehouse Racking System

Connect Endlessly, Maximize Available Space, Reduce Walkways.