About Us


1982 - A Humble Beginning

Founded in Singapore since 1982, SIM WIN LIANG provides quality storage racks to proud homeowners, fledgling startups, bustling retail spaces and massive warehouses who are looking to maximize their storage space without the worry of maintenance; and at an affordable price.

The racking systems we provide are boltless and modular, which allow for certain levels of customization, such as:

  • Height Customization
  • Extension Units
  • Shelf Levels or Tiers
  • and Add-ons for Home, Commercial and Industrial purposes

In the early days, we imported "bolts and nuts" steel racking from Japan and pallet racking from Malaysia and focused on the commercial and industrial sectors.

1990s - Going Boltless with METALSISTEM

A decade of experience brought us to the realization that the "bolts and nuts" racking were inefficient when it comes to space planning. We innovated and became an early pioneer that ushered in the era of boltless storage, by partnering selected international racking manufacturers to bring in quality storage systems - those that have passed rigorous safety and loading tests - to Singapore.

Ever since, we are the proud official distributor of METALSISTEM Italy's Boltless Shelving System in Singapore - a TUV-certified storage system that embodies the highest level of innovation and quality.

2000s - Bringing Industrial Racks to Homes

As spaces grew increasingly scarce in Singapore, there is a growing need for storage with high loading capacity in residential home usage. We began to diversify into the residential market by providing the same industrial racks, but of the lightest duty (load capacity), to home bomb shelters, storerooms and offices.

2010s - Going eCommerce, Going Digital

We kept up with technological advancements by launching our eCommerce store for the residential consumers and light industrial users, so that you can enjoy hassle-free shopping experience at the comfort of your home or office.

Today, we provide a wide range of storage solutions - from light to heavy duty racking - and will continue to further improve our product ranges to best satisfy your storage needs.