TLDR Summary

All measurements stated on our website are of "Overall Setup Length" to simplify the understanding, so that as long as your space measurement (excluding wall skirting or overhead obstruction) is equal or larger than our Boltless Rack dimensions, they will fit.

If you have communicated with us via email, the measurements stated in our quotation/invoice are of "Nominal Length", and the document will state that "Additional L90mm frame allowance is required to install the Boltless Rack(s)".

Regardless of the different representations, the rack dimensions are the same across both our website and our quotation/invoice system.

What is Nominal Length?

For METALSISTEM Boltless Rack, the Nominal Length simply refers to the usable storage length that you can use to store items.

Our Boltless Rack's nominal lengths come in 600, 900, 1200 and 1500 mm.

What is Overall Setup Length?

Overall Setup Length refers to true actual size of the Boltless Rack, after it is completely set up.

As our Upright Frame (the vertical side) is of a T-Shape profile, the Frame Allowance required to setup a Boltless Rack is 90mm. This frame allowance also takes into consideration of the thickness of the Plastic Caps that come with the Upright Frames.

As such, Overall Setup Length = Nominal Length + 90mm.

What about L-Shape Rack's Secondary Length?

Boltless L-Shape Rack Nominal Length versus Overall Setup Length | SIM WIN LIANG PTE LTD


The overall setup length of our L-Shape Secondary Rack is Nominal Length + 60mm; instead of the usual 90mm. This is because we are swapping one side of the Upright Frame with L-Shape Connector Brackets, which takes up around 20mm allowance, rather than the Upright Frame's 45mm allowance.

However, we have made the decision to standardize the Overall Setup Lengths on our website, to avoid unnecessary confusion for viewing consumers. Furthermore, a slightly longer Overall Setup Length will always a guarantee a fit if the true actual length is smaller.