You see these blemishes on the shelf panels but no matter how hard you try to wipe it off, it doesn't go away! Is the shelf panel dirty or rusty?

They are actually spangles!

Spangle is the appearance of tiny triangular or flower-shaped crystallization pattern on the outer surface of the galvanized coating. This coating phenomenon is a combined product of multiple variables, which is why shelf panels may or may not have spangles.

The presence of spangle on galvanized coating can be a result of:

  • Minor additions of other elements during the galvanization process
  • The rate at which the galvanized item is cooled
  • The smoothness of the base steel prior to coating
  • The absorption of hydrogen during the galvanization process

As every rack component go through different dipping pools during galvanization, shelf panels will have different surface aesthetic and may differ between batches.

So please do not be alarmed if you notice any blemish on our racks. They are likely spangles and it is a very common occurrence in galvanized products.