Your new home is ready and you are eager to move in. With much enthusiasm, you arranged for your furniture and items to be transported. All of a sudden, the entire home is in a mess - there is no effective way to stay organized and everyone is frustrated.

Sounds familiar? This is a common scenario when moving to a new home but that doesn't mean there isn't a way to make moving less stressful and more effective.

#1 Storage rack is just as important as your furniture. After all, your everyday items need to be stored somewhere before the furniture are up. Extra accessories aren't meant to be left lying around. Also, after unpacking your devices and cool gadgets, you need a place to store their boxes so that you can ride out their warranty periods!

#2 Heavy items at the bottom, rarely used items up top. That leaves the middle shelf levels accessible for frequently used items so that you do not have to bend down nor tip-toe all the time. For safety concerns, heavy items are strongly recommended to be stored as low as possible - firstly to prevent crushing from above and secondly to lower the center of gravity of the rack.

#3 Choose a rack with metal shelf panel. We all know Singapore is hot and humid - which is a good combination for wood to eventually rot and decay. Over time, wood-based shelf panels may weaken and collapse, while metal shelf panels let you keep things worry-free for a long long period of time. Bonus point: metal is fire-proof!

#4 Keep your shelf levels' height adjustable. Your favorite products come in all shapes and sizes. To store them all, adjusting your shelf level height is unavoidable. Hence, our final storage tip is to go boltless and ensure that your shelf levels can be easily adjusted within your physical means.

If you are waiting for your new house and not sure where to store your furniture or household items, don’t worry! There are storage facilities around Singapore like Urban Space Self-Storage, where they offer variety of storage sizes at competitive prices. So while waiting for your new home to be built, do consider signing up with them today and make space for what matters!

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