Recent advancement in engineering design and manufacturing technology have made Boltless Storage Rack systems increasingly stronger and more durable. Storing large amounts of inventory on these Boltless Racks become common and yet, Storage Rack Safety is often taken for granted.

We have seen videos or GIFs of supermarket shelving collapsing shared across social media. A good number of these incidents are due to unrealistic storage setup or expectation, and could have been avoided. So what can you do to store safely?

4 Golden Rules to Storage Rack Safety

#1 The heavier it is, the lower it goes

All racking and shelving solutions function best when heavier loads are stored on lower levels and the lighter loads are stored higher. Doing so lowers the Center of Gravity of the storage solution and naturally "grounds" it downward.

Even though each tier is able to withstand the same stated loading capacity, if you have a choice, it is better to balance the loading in this manner.

#2 Store frequently used items at the "Golden Zone"

Similar to the concept in supermarkets where the most purchased items are at eye level and easy to reach, the "Golden Zone" for general storage is at the waist to chest level.

This is where you should store your most frequently used or accessed items so that you will not be squatting or stretching often, and it is a more ergonomical and accessible to do so - especially important for individuals with back problems.

#3 Bottom Shelf Level should stay close to the bottom

How to Store Safely using Boltless Storage Rack | Storage Rack Safety | SIM WIN LIANG Singapore

It is common practice to raise the bottom shelf level upward to store items on the floor. However, as the bottom shelf level gets higher, your Boltless Storage Rack will get increasingly unbalanced due to higher Center of Gravity and bad load distribution. This is akin to someone running with running shoes versus someone running on stilts - the latter is more dangerous and simply not optimal.

By raising the bottom shelf level too high, you will also reduce the structural support of the bottom Upright Frame Legs. When the Boltless Storage Rack experiences heavy loading, it applies unnecessary outward stress force to them (as shown in above picture).

For the Boltless Storage Racks sold by SIM WIN LIANG, our manufacturer specifications state that the Bottom Shelf Level shall not be more than 70cm high. We understand that some of you may require a larger height space, and if you wish to go higher, we strongly recommend installing a Reinforcement Bar at the back-face of the Boltless Storage Rack to strengthen the Upright Frames.

An important thing to note - when the bottom shelf level is raised beyond 70cm above ground, do not load your shelf levels to its maximum stated loading capacity. A safe estimate will be to load at most 80% of the stated loading capacity.

#4 Do not climb

Our Boltless Storage Racks are designed to function properly and safely without securing to the wall, with the following conditions:

  • Rack Height no higher than 3 meters
  • The Depth to Height ratio is no more than 1:7
  • Minimum of 4 Shelf Levels per Rack Bay

Regardless if these conditions are met or not, you should never climb any racking or shelving solution, in an attempt to access higher tiers. It is essential to always use a short ladder or stool platform to access any item that is higher than you can reach for.