TLDR version, our L-Shape Rack only comes in Galvanized Silver - which is the default material and color - as the Colored versions are powder coated, causing the Shelf Beams to be thicker than usual. This prevents the L-Shape Connector Bracket from clipping onto the Shelf Beams properly, without damaging the powder coat.

The Boltless L-Shape Connector Bracket does not fit powder coated Shelf Beam well | SIM WIN LIANG Singapore

By default, all Boltless Rack components are imported in Galvanized Silver color.

The Boltless L-Shape Connector Bracket is intricately designed and engineered to grip onto the Boltless Shelf Beam snugly, while providing a tiny pocket space (of around 0.5mm) to slide along the Shelf Beam smoothly. The sliding feature is designed for anyone who is performing the rack installation to adapt the Connector Bracket to different rack depths.

For the colored versions - Black, Blue and White - that we provide, there is an additional layer of powder coat that we do locally. This creates an additional thickness of 0.2 to 0.5mm on each surface. The combined powder-coat thickness, across both the top and bottom surfaces of a Shelf Beam, often exceeds the tiny pocket space that is engineered between the Connector Bracket and Shelf Beam (as shown in above image).

 What happens if I were to force it to clip?

It is possible to force the Boltless L-Shape Connector Bracket to clip onto the Boltless Shelf Beam, at the expense of scrapping the powder coat. Furthermore, upon forced clipping, the Connector Bracket will not be able to slide across the Shelf Beam to adapt to the Rack Extension's depth. Regardless how experienced our installers (or you) are, it is difficult to clip the Connector Bracket at the right depth on the first try.

On the bright side, most of the scrapping often occurs underneath the Shelf Beam - which means it may not be that visible when viewing from the front. Nonetheless, we at SIM WIN LIANG do not recommend L-Shape Rack setup for colored versions.

November 12, 2020