Boltless Plant Rack H92cm, BLACK

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Depth (cm)
Length (cm)
Shelf Level

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Frame and Beam Color: Black
Shelf Load Capacity (UDL): 40 - 100KG (20KG per Panel, depending on length)
Material: High-Tensile Galvanized Steel with Black Plastic Perforated Panels
Country of Manufacture: Italy

  • Full Black Aesthetic, Industrial and Minimalist Style
  • Powder-coated Black for enhanced corrosion protection
  • Perforated Plastic Panels to prevent water stagnation and breeding of mosquitoes
  • Comes with front and back stopper per Shelf Level to stop your plant pots from falling
  • Equipped with Plastic Caps to protect your flooring

Show off your plants and add a touch of decoration to your home and garden. Elevate your plants to new heights so that they are more accessible for tending to, while protecting your floors from water or soil marks.

Our Black Perforated Plastic Panels allows water to drain freely, preventing water stagnation and breeding of mosquitos. It also improves sunlight exposure and air circulation for the plants at the lower Shelf Level(s).