L-Shape Storage Rack - 4 Shelf Levels

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*Please ensure your space has sufficient length for the longer part of the L-Shape Rack, which is the "Depth of Main Rack + Length of Secondary Rack" added together*

Technical Specifications:

Height (cm): 198
Depth (cm): Based on your selection
Length (cm): Based on your selection

Frame Color: Silver
Shelf Panel Color: Galvanized Silver

L-Shape Shelf Load Capacity (UDL): 100kg /Level
Max Load Capacity (UDL): 1000kg
Country of Manufacture: Italy

  • 100% Galvanized Steel
  • Highly resistant to Corrosion, Rust & Scratch
  • Metal Shelves
  • Easily Adjustable Shelf Levels
  • Equipped with Rubber Base Caps to protect your flooring
  • Without "Center Pole/Frame" obstruction

Ideal for small to average sized bomb shelter and storeroom, the BOLTLESS L-SHAPE STORAGE RACK maximizes your storage space by allowing the corner of your space to be fully utilized. It is highly suited for storing common household items or office supplies.

The downside is that without the "Center Pole", the load capacity per L-Shape Shelf Level is reduced from 150 to 100 KG.