Boltless Shelf Panel

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Material: High-Tensile Galvanized Steel
Country of Manufacture: Italy

  • The Shelf Panels are sold on a per piece basis
  • Select the Depth of the Shelf Panel that matches your Rack Depth
  • Rack Length 99cm (or 90cm nominal) consists of 1 piece of L90cm Panel
  • Rack Length 129cm (or 120cm nominal) consists of 2 pieces of L60cm Panels
  • Rack Length 159cm (or 150cm nominal) consists of 1 piece of L60cm Panel and 1 piece of L90cm Panel

The Boltless Shelf Panel is a core component of the Boltless Shelf Level, where one or two Panels are required to form a Shelf Level. It acts as a load-spreading element to distribute the storage weight towards the Shelf Beam, thus achieving the uniformly distributed load stated in our Boltless Storage Racks.

It is designed to be cost-effective and easily replaced, in the event of wear and tear or damage. Simply remove your stores from the Shelf Level you wish to replace, pop up the old panel(s) and put in the new ones!

Do note that the Shelf Panel is not designed to take heavy point load - for example 30KG in a 5cm x 5cm surface area. This will cause the Shelf Panel plating to dent. It is recommended to place items across at least two or three of the ribbed features.